The Empower Learning Academy Trust is a company limited by guarantee and a charitable trust. The Board of Trustees has the responsibility for the smooth running of the three academies that currently make up the trust.

These Trustees are also the Directors of the company. Much of the work of the Trustees is delegated to committees – in particular there is a separate committee for each of the academies which works as a Local Governance Committee.

How the structure works

  • Members – the role is similar to that of shareholders of a limited company
  • Trustees – appointed by Members to oversee Empower, agreeing the overarching strategic direction and ensuring robust governance
  • Executive Team – the CEO of ELAT – Simon London – leads this team to ensure the smooth running of the Trust and the schools that belong to it
  • Local Governance Committee or Board – provide challenge and support to each Academy’s Leadership team


NameDate of AppointmentTermBusiness & Pecuniary Interests
Simon London
27 Sept 2016 None
Andrew Frater
(Company Secretary)
1 Jul 2019None
Keith Butcher (Chair)27 March 20175None
Keith Stewart (Safeguarding)27 Sept 2020
Reappointed. Originally appointed on 27 Sept 2016
4Business: Hall Mead School
Parent Governor March 2012 – March 2016; Community Governor March 2016 – Sept 2020
David Harries27 Sept 20165Coopers Coburn & Co Academy, Wife an employee
Secondary school in Upminster.
Jihold LLP (OC381197), Limited Partner
Business Services.
National Governance Association, Trustee
Trust advocating for better governance in schools.
Heart 4 Sport Coaching Ltd, Daughter is a Director
Coaching in schools.
James Brooks
27 Sept 2020
Reappointed. Originally appointed on 27 Sept 2016
Paul Reynolds1 February 20234None
Jaylan Seslie1 February 20234None
Marianne Akinyosade


NameDate of AppointmentTerm of OfficeBusiness & Pecuniary Interests
Malcolm Evans1 Sept 2016None
Neil Consterdine1 February 2023None
Stuart McLaughlin1 February 2023None
John Crossley1 May 2023